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X7 is pricey

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Since this is their new range topping luxury SUV, its expected that it would come with a steep price tag. The V6 will start at $74,895 and the V8 is set at $93,595. In typical BMW fashion there will also be some extravagant options that pull those price points higher.
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The base price is on par for what you would pay for a new Lincoln Navigator or Merc GLS. You're essentially paying extra for the 3rd row and a fairly big step up in towing capacity over the X5.
I think the biggest downside to this is, the Q8 is here, its new, shares a platform with the Urus we ALL dream of owning and has a lot to offer... great pricing being one of them.
Seen a few already at my condo and they're impressive. X7 will however will really appeal to the Lexus LX/Mercedes GL/Infiniti QX80/crowd. For everyone else who doesn't need all that space its... Q8 all day.
Third row space has always been quite limited in this segment and I think that's the main draw of the X7, badging preference aside. If you are going to be hauling a lot of passengers, this is looking like the most comfortable way to do so.
Before I believe it was the fear of continued bad fuel economy keeping people away and thus not nearly as spacious 3-row SUVs. Now it seems automakers are bad due to a number of reasons, gasoline getting cheaper and the rise of hybrid powertrains that will take them over.
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