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So had my Brand Spanking new 2020 X7 xDrive i40 for less than a week and kept getting the “Driver Assist support reduced” took it in said it was the Kafas camera, said they would order A new one to replace it and let me keep my car.
3 days later in the middle of traffic I pressed the gas to go and my car wouldn’t move but you could hear the engine rev up.
so I drove it straight to the dealer and they said it’s because the Kafas camera wasn’t working, so gave me a loaner till they got the new camera installed.
they installed the new Kafas Camera and it’s still giving them an error message that it isn’t working properly.
I was told today that they have to order a completely different Kafas camera that isn’t even listed in the parts book for my car and it’s coming from Germany so could take 3 weeks to get it.
anyone run into this Kafa Camera issue before?!
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