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Brilliance V9 vs BMW X7?

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A Chinese automaker partnered with BMW to create an X7 based luxury 3-row SUV.
I haven't been a fan of what Chinese automakers produced in the past but if done right and also sold outside of China, it might be a key X7 alternative. Brilliance saved a lot of money by using the X7 so hopefully they used some of those savings into R&D elsewhere.

If its just a reskinned X7, that would be a deal breaker for me and many others.


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My first instinct is to say that it's a reskinned X7 since they're in a partnership together. But then again Chinese automakers have been known to knock off designs of other companies. These photos remind me of this old Top Gear video when they go to China.

At least here it won't be a vehicle that will miserably fail every crash test.
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