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BMW X8 is heading to production and will likely cost more than the X7

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The X7 will get some competition at the top of BMW's SUV lineup. According to reports, BMW will be adding a X8 in the near future.

The decision was supposed to be made by the end of this year, but according to a new report from Automobile Mag, that decision might have been already made. The US magazine reports that the board gave the green light to the X8 models, with one of them featuring an M Power plug-in-hybrid powertrain that incorporates a 168-hp, 184-lb-ft electric motor and 60-kWh battery pack for zero-emissions driving range of up to 60 miles.

From our own sources, we heard that almost certainly the future X8 won't take the shape of an X6 or X7, but rather have its own identify within the design language at BMW. Think along the lines of a new kidney grill design and a one-off design language. The X8 has always been rumored to be a more luxurious model, with a more bespoke finish for the discerning customer looking for the ultimate luxury. It will also be more expensive than the X7 and will most likely become the priciest car with a BMW roundel on you can buy.

The G09 X8 will use the same underpinnings of the X7 but will offer seating for four, with individual seats in the back, kind-of like what we can already see on the X7. Whether a third-row of seats will be offered remains unknown right now.

We don't know the production timeline of the X8 yet, but it's fair to assume that it won't arrive before 2022
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X8 as a coupe styled version of the X7 might just have me shop for it instead!
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Yeah if this is true, the X8 will definitely make everyone interested in an X7 stop and think, myself included haha.
I can only imagine what the price is going to be for this, my wallet is already hurting.
I can only imagine what the price is going to be for this, my wallet is already hurting.
It doesn't have too if you don't need it.

At most I see an X8 start out 10-15% more than the X7. Easy enough to absorb.
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