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An X7 M is more likely to happen than a M1 hatchback

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Keep those fingers crossed if you want to see a X7 M model in the future.

Carsten Pries, BMW M Product Boss spoke with Auto Express and said that an M version of the X7 is more likely to happen than an M version of the 1 Series.

Asked if BMW could push the M135i further up into the ranks of upcoming mega-hatches from other German brands, Pries said: If you put something like an 'M1' on top of it, working title of course, you would have to increase the price again because you put more substance into it. But whether this would then be a smart business proposition is not something I would answer with an immediate yes".
Pries confirmed that hits like the M2 Coupe and traditional M-cars like the M3 and M5 would remain the brand's core, global performance cars, while more SUVs look in line for M-division treatment, including the new, full-size X7.

"We had a customer from the US I had lunch with recently, and I asked him 'to your eyes, what is the size of the X7?' For us it is huge in Europe. He said 'it's normal'. That shows you it is always dependent on the perspective that you look at things from", he explained.
With the industry focus shifting to crossovers and SUVs it makes sense why Pries would say that about the X7. I don't think an X7 M is going to happen anytime soon but I'll keep on hoping until something official gets announced.
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I'm not surprised given how much the 3-row SUV market has grown. Even Rolls Royce is involved now.
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