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Andreas Bovensiepen, CEO of Alpina recently spoke with Motor1 and shared his thoughts on the company, more specifically when it comes to SUVs in the United States.

Which hopefully means an Alpina X7 will become more than just a rumor.

"Like I said, we want to work with the big SUVs," Bovensiepen noted. "It's too early to tell, but I think [X7] would be great for the U.S."

BMW hasn't confirmed an additional Alpina model for the States, but we've already seen the company testing a diesel-powered X7 on the 'Ring, and a BMW spokesperson told us the company is "exploring" the option. While an Alpina-engineered 8 Series Gran Coupe is rumored, we fully expect the X7 (read: XB7) to be the next Alpina model offered in the U.S., and potentially with up to 600 hp on tap.
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