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2021 Alpina XB7 Arrives In US With 612 HP And A $142,295 Pricetag

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Quite simply put, what the X5M is to the X5, the new 2021 Alpina XB7 is to the X7 SUV. BMW Models that don't get an M version like the 7 Series luxo-barge, get the Alpina treatment. And since the X7 is at the top of the BMW SUV (apologies, SAV) food chain, it gets the Aplina XB7 just like the 7 Series gets the B7.


Powertrain is the same 4.4-liter V8 that also powers the X7 M50i. But in the Alpina it makes 89 hp more which comes up to 612 hp. The torque at 590 lb-ft is astronomical too. The engine pairs with the eight-speed ZF gearbox that sends power to all four wheels via the Bavarian automaker's trademark xDrive AWD system. The ridiculous torque can propel the 5,860 lb XB7 to 60mph from a standstill in just four seconds. Flat out, it will do 180mph provided it is running 21-inch wheels and Pirelli rubber. All-season tires drop the top whack to 130mph.

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It comes with 21-inch wheels as standard that are shod with 285/35 tires up front and massive 325/30 rubber at the rear. If you so choose, you can upgrade to even larger 23-inch 20-spoke alloys finished in anthracite. Other standard features include rear-wheel steering which, for a car this size is, in our opinion, essential. Before you get to the optional extras, for $142,295 you also get soft closing doors, great swaths of leather, and Alcantara all over the cabin and a three-part panoramic sunroof. You can also get the 'starry sky' headliner like on Rolls-Royce cars but that is an optional extra.

In profile, the XB7 doesn't look too different from the standard car. Everything is just slightly more prominent and that is the appeal of the car. The front bumper gets a new design with the letters Alpina sprawled under the silver bar. It also features air ducts and intakes to better direct air to the huge V8. At the rear, the changes to the bumper are equally subtle, you get the similar reworked exhaust as the B7 and the standard 21-inch wheels further enhance the behemoth's road presence.

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