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Many of BMW's best selling models are SUV's and the brand hopes to capitalize on that success with their new supersized X7. Though this segment is entirely new for the automaker, much of what makes the X5 a fantastic product has found its way into their new flagship. Essentially a 7 Series of the SUV world, previews a handful of futuristic tweaks coming to their lineup.

As the X7 will sit atop BMW's SUV hierarchy, it demands a premium over their other models. With the six-cylinder starting at $74,895 and the V8 set at $93,595, it's been aggressive priced when compared to many of its key rivals. On paper, it's aligned closest with the Mercedes GLS which starts at $71,075 for the base model. Other rivals like the Audi Q7 ($50,875), Volvo XC90 ($57,295) and Land Rover Discovery $53,295) are cheaper in base form, but on par for the course, things get expensive quick with additional options and features.

M Sport versions start roughly $5,000 higher and bring a host of performance tweaks and sporty aesthetics. These should be familiar to anyone who's used a BMW configurator and include an M Sport steering wheel, dark headliner, M Sport pedals and other trimmings. The X7 will also benefit from the M Sport differential, allowing this SUV to better perform in and out and turns.

The real cost is found in the packages category, which allows buyers to check some expensive add ons. There are 5 of them to choose from and include the Cold Weather Package ($1,200), Dynamic Handling Package ($4,750), Luxury Seating Package ($1,200), Off-road Package ($2,950) and the Premium Package ($1,550).

On top of this, there are also convenience, entertainment and performance options, which can easily lift the price upwards of $121,430 in top spec. Hard to ignore what other BMW's can be had for that money, but as far as people movers go, few do it as comfortably and elegantly as the X7.
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